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5 Ways Couples Can Manage Finances Together

When most couples plan things they can do together, managing money might not make it to the top of the list. But maybe it should! Dealing with your finances can cause major strain for anyone and on any relationship.

Here are five ways for couples to come together to successfully manage their money:

1. Avoid keeping secrets.

Honesty is the best policy for many aspects of a relationship, and nothing could be truer when it comes to your finances. Whether you’re talking about your debts, credit score or savings goals, it is always a good idea to keep an open, honest dialogue with your partner. Hiding any part of your financial history could lead to major problems for your financial situation – and your relationship.

2. Create and keep a budget together.

Once you’ve got an open dialogue to discuss your financial situation, you can start working on it together. A good first step in financial management is building a budget that you both can follow. Include your earnings, bills and projected expenditures. Don’t be afraid to make it a little fun too. Allot some extras for date nights and reward yourselves for good financial behavior from time to time!

3. Share responsibilities.

In any relationship, no one partner should take on all the financial responsibilities. Make it a team effort when it comes to money matters. Have a conversation about who is responsible for paying each bill and how much each partner will contribute. Being transparent about your shared roles will help improve your financial situation – oh, and your relationship!

4. Use available technological tools.

Know that you and your partner are not in your financial situation alone – not only do you have each other, but you also can rely on today’s technology to help keep you on track. Use trustworthy money management apps and software for everything from help with creating your budget and paying your bills to tracking your spending and saving money.

5. Do what works best for you.

When it comes to holding separate accounts or creating a joint account, there are a lot of opinions on what is best for couples. However, both methods can bring success. If you and your partner are honest about your financial matters, don’t worry about how other couples make it work. When it comes to separate or joint accounts, decide what you’re both comfortable with and make it work for you.

A healthy financial situation can make for an even healthier relationship. So, take some time this spring to work on your finances with your partner. You might just reach new financial goals and new heights in your relationship!

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